La Salle's tuition and fee structure is designed to encourage participation and maximize the co-curricular opportunities available to students.


We feel it is important that every student has the opportunity to participate in the co-curricular offerings at our school. As such, La Salle does not charge individual participation fees for class retreats, clubs, classes, iPads, or electives. Instead, these costs are inclusive in their Tuition & Fee Contracts. This makes it more affordable for students to choose several co-curricular options each year and offers parents a clearer picture of the actual costs associated with a La Salle education.



Full Cost of Education (with no fundraising or parent service hours) $15,700

Tuition Subsidy (funded by fundraising and contributions) ($4,000)

Total Tuition with Fundraising and Parent Hours Reduction $11,700

* Based on tuition before financial aid award. 

Enrollment Fee (Grades 9, 10, &11)    $500

Enrollment Fee (Seniors including Graduation Fee)  $550

Nearly 70% of La Salle families receive some form of tuition assistance which significantly reduces our families out of pocket expenses. To learn more about financial assistance visit:



For International Student Tuition and Fees, please call the Admissions office at (509)225-2928



Tuition and Fees