La Salle Reteats

“Jesus went off to the mountain to pray”
Luke 6:12



Retreats are an integral part of our Lasallian identity and a key component in what makes our school so special.  La Salle has a four-year retreat program, each focusing on a different aspect - Faith, Service, Community at La Salle, and Community Beyond La Salle.  The junior and senior year retreats take place at Camp Ghormely. 

Freshman Retreat:

During the two-day retreat, freshmen go to Camp Ghormely to learn more about their new classmates, share faith, and learn about the character of the Lasallian student.  This fun and faith-filled retreat is a great time to learn about what La Salle has to offer for the next four years.

Sophomore Retreat:

This one-day retreat for sophomores focuses on service. We spend the day creating Valentine's Day boxes for the elderly and lonely.  Then, students go around house to house distributing these boxes and comforting those who are alone and stuck in their homes. 

Junior Retreat:

This retreat focuses on the Community of support at La Salle.  This three day retreat is held at Camp Ghormely and allows our juniors the opportunity to prayerfully discern, in a supportive environment, their options beyond graduation from La Salle.

Senior Retreat:

Before the seniors leave the halls of La Salle, they have the opportunity to gather as a class and reflect on their experiences at La Salle High School and to prayerfully consider their many options as they consider schools, relocation, and separation from long-time friends. This three-day retreat is held at Camp Ghormley.