Grand Canyon University

Dual Enrollment Program





La Salle High School is proud to collaborate with Grand Canyon University as a partner school of the Canyon Christian Schools Consortium. This partnership allows qualified La Salle High School students (juniors and seniors meeting certain academic standards; see below) to take online, college-level classes through Grand Canyon University’s Dual Enrollment Program. GCU’s dual enrollment opportunities provide high school students with an affordable and efficient way to gain a head start on their college degree.


Grand Canyon University is committed to ensuring that students experience the same level of instruction, resources and rigor that our traditional student body receives so they will be well prepared to move to the next academic level of study when they enter college. La Salle High School is committed to providing and allowing motivated and high-achieving students to get a head start in a more and more competitive academic environment.


La Salle High School is proud to be able to offer its students another opportunity, in addition to AP® courses and UW in the High School courses, to earn college credit while attending La Salle.


Credits and Costs
Grand Canyon University's dual enrollment courses are four credits. Tuition is $210 per course or $52.50 per credit. Online courses utilize an e-book with a fee of $85 per class. Textbooks may be required for some online courses. In addition to the four college credits offered by Grand Canyon University, successful completion of the course will earn .5 credits as a supplemental elective to be applied towards graduation from La Salle High School.

Transferability of Credits
Dual enrollment students at La Salle may take up to 24 credits (6 courses) during their career at La Salle. The courses transfer into GCU degree programs. GCU is regionally accredited, so in general, universities that accept transfer credits should accept the dual enrollment credits from GCU. However, it is at the discretion of the receiving university whether to accept credits for transfer. Families are encouraged to contact potential colleges and universities to verify whether the student’s GCU credits will transfer to a potential post-secondary institution.


Length of GCU Dual Enrollment Courses
Each course is 7 weeks long with classes beginning on the Monday following the student’s “Online Dual Enrollment Orientation.” La Salle’s Dual Enrollment courses are anticipated on beginning for the Fall Semester on September 8th and for the Spring Semester on January 19th. Student will have the option to either: (a) take and pay for only one GCU class per semester AND enroll in an Independent Study Program with a teacher at La Salle for the remaining duration of the semester OR (b) take and pay for two GCU’s classes per semester. DISCLAIMER: La Salle’s students are required to abide by the schedule and due dates of the GCU classes. For example: an assignment may be due on a day when La Salle does not have class scheduled. There is no exception for not completing work on time because of scheduling conflicts!


Student Qualifications
Dual enrollment is available to La Salle’s juniors and seniors with an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or above. All students taking English or math courses will be required to take an online placement test.
La Salle High School students interested in taking in a GCU dual enrollment course must complete the following prior to the First Day of the Semester.

1.    select an approved course from the below “La Salle’s 2014-2015 Grand Canyon University Dual Enrollment Course List”

2.    apply to the Dean of Studies for approval into the program (approval based on course selected, class scheduling, and student preparedness/qualifications)

3.    complete “GCU Dual Enrollment Application”

4.    complete the “Parental Authorization for GCU Dual Enrollment” Form


Please click on the links below for more information about this wonderful partnership La Salle is proud to participate in with Grand Canyon University.

Student Overview of Grand Canyon University and Christian High School Consortium

Grand Canyon University’s Dual Enrollment Program

GCU Dual Enrollment Application (Please see Mr. Lamb to complete Application)

Parental Authorization for GCU Dual Enrollment (Please see Mr. Lamb for Parental Authorization Form)