College Visits

Information for College Representatives

College representatives should contact Cody Lamb (; 509-225-2911) to schedule appointments. Colleges are always welcome to visit La Salle, and share how their school can be an option for our students! 

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Information for Students

Every year we are very fortunate to have many college representatives from colleges all over the United States travel to La Salle to speak with our students. Students learn about these visits in PowerSchool, daily announcements, posted weekly calendars of the visits, and posters from the colleges on the bulletin board outside the Counseling Department. A student must register for these visits in Mr. Lamb's classroom. You must then have the teacher for the class that you will miss (if it is sometime other than lunch break) sign a permission form (these are in the front office or in Mr. Lamb's room). After the form is completed, you return it to the Mr. Lamb's classroom. All of this must be completed by the end of school the day before the scheduled visit. Attendance at these meetings is a privilege, so it is always dependent on final approval from the Counseling Department.    

If you are interested in a school, it is very important that you attend the meeting with the college representative when he/she comes to La Salle. Not only do they record who attended the meeting, but they are often the first people who will review your application folder. These meetings should be taken very seriously and the college representative should be treated with utmost respect. You should come prepared with any questions concerning the college, as the college representatives are a wealth of information.