Clubs at La Salle




Clubs meet every other Tuesday and after school and weekends as activities are planned.


Survival Club                                                Room 301                            Mr. Jam

Ultimate Frisbee Club                                 Room 504                            Mr. Cooley

Cooking Club                                                Room 501                            Mr. Forsyth

Yoga Club                                                      Room 102                            Mrs. Roberts

Zumba Club                                                  Gym                                     Ms. Fischer

Gardening Club                                            Room 503                            Dr. Tulloss

Photography Club                                        Room 502                            Mr. Wood

Adventure Club                                            Room 303                            Ms. Stillwaggon

Skiing Club                                                   Room 101                             Mrs. Judd

Pro Sports Club/Fantasy Sports                 Room 302                             Mr. Hernandez

Ping Pong Club                                             Lightning Hall                    Mr. Kanelopoulos

Bowling Club                                                Room 204                            Mrs. White

Fantasy Fiction/ Comic-Con Club              Room 104                            Mr. Maib

Music Club                                                   Room 203                            Mrs. Ball

Movie Club                                                   Room 106                             Mr. Pleger

Debate Club                                                  Room 103                             Mr. Brewer

A cappella Club                                            Room 105                             Ms. Spalding

Chess Club                                                    Commons                           Mr. Freund

Beijing Club                                                  Room 103                             Mr. Brewer

Card Games Club                                         Commons                            Mr. Lamb