Welcome to La Salle!


We are delighted you are

considering La Salle, an

exceptional Catholic

college-preparatory high school

located on a safe and secure

40-acre campus.  The search for

the right high school marks an

exciting time and we are pleased to be a part of your journey.


At La Salle, our main goal is to prepare every student for a successful college experience after high school.  And indeed, since 2008, 100% of our graduates have been accepted to college.  It’s that commitment and proven success on the part of our teachers, staff, and fellow students that will encourage your student as they develop and realize their skills and talents.


Not only does La Salle offer a college-prep education, but your son or daughter will be guided and nurtured by teachers who encourage our core values of faith, integrity, scholarship, and service.  At La Salle, all are respected, included and welcomed, and it is that caring atmosphere that allows our students the opportunity to realize their gifts and full potential.


I encourage potential students to visit for a “shadow day”.  During a shadow visit, your son or daughter will discover that La Salle is large enough to provide outstanding educational and social opportunities, yet small enough for students to become involved and thrive during their high school years.


 Thank you for taking the time to learn about La Salle and all that it has to offer. 



Mrs. Rebecca Garza                                                  

Director of Admissions                                                

email: rgarza@lasalleyakima.org phone: (509) 225-2928



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