Wreath Fundraiser

Are you a friend of La Salle who wishes to purchase some of our fundraiser products?


Contact the front office at 225-2900 and we will arrange for a student to contact you.



Each year, we ask our students and families to participate in this annual fundraiser as their contribution towards offsetting La Salle’s costs for student activities, such as retreats, field trips, dances, etc.


September 19th will be the kick-off date for this year’s sale.  On that day your student will receive a packet of information, including fliers, sales tips, and order forms (1 packet per family).  Please watch for this packet to come home and familiarize yourselves with its contents so that you are aware of the facts of this fundraiser.


From September 17th until October 17th, each student (or family) is required to sell at least 18 wreaths (15 ft. of garland = 1 wreath), (1-42” wreath=2 wreaths), 18 Swags or a combination of all.  October 17th will be the final day for turning in orders.  Wreaths, Swag and Garland will be delivered to the school on Thursday, November 21st and it is the responsibility of each student (family) to distribute them to their own customers.  Customers may also request that wreaths be sent UPS for an additional $80 for two wreath.  Garland cannot be sent UPS.




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