Wreath Fundraiser

Each year, we ask our students and families to participate in this annual fundraiser as their contribution towards offsetting La Salle’s costs for student activities, such as retreats, field trips, dances, etc.


September 24th will be the kick-off date for this year’s sale.  On that day your student will receive a packet of information, including fliers, sales tips, and order forms (1 packet per family).  Please watch for this packet to come home and familiarize yourselves with its contents so that you are aware of the facts of this fundraiser.


From September 24th until October 22nd, each student (or family) is required to sell at least 18 wreaths (15 ft. of garland = 1 wreath), (1-42” wreath=2 wreaths), 18 Swags or a combination of all.  October 17th will be the final day for turning in orders.  Wreaths, Swag and Garland will be delivered to the school on Thursday, November 19thand it is the responsibility of each student (family) to distribute them to their own customers.  Customers may also request that wreaths be sent UPS for an additional $80 for two wreath.  Garland cannot be sent UPS.





2020 Christmas Wreath, Garland and Swag Sale


Price List



22” Wreath            $25            $70 each if shipped-UPS*

30” Wreath            $45

42” Wreath            $85

Swag                       $25

Garland                  $10/5 ft.      Sold in 5ft. increments



*These orders must be recorded on both white and yellow order forms.

Include name of recipient, address and phone number as well as sender’s name, number and message.  Price is for individually shipped 22” wreaths and include box, message, and UPS charges. The price for two wreaths sent to the same location is $80. There is only shipping to the Continental USA.  No Shipping to:  Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, or Canada.


ABOUT THE WREATHS:            


Wreaths are made of noble fir, silver fir, cedar, pine and berried juniper.  They come complete with pinecones and hand-tie, red velvet bows.

Each wreath is guaranteed forest fresh and is treated to help           preserve its freshness.

If for any reason a wreath does not meet a customer’s satisfaction, the



Garland is made with rich, fragrant cedar boughs.   


Garland comes in 75’ rolls and is sold in 5 ft. increments.


Garland is recommended for Exterior use to ensure its freshness.


Supplier will replace it.


Venta de Coronas y Guirnaldas Navideñas, 2020


Lista de Precios



Corona de 22”               $25          $70 cada una si se

envían     por UPS*                         

Corona de 30”               $45

Corona de 42”               $85

Guirnalda pequeña       $25

Guirnalda                      $10/cada 5 pies          Vendida en incrementos de 5’     


*Estos pedidos se deben apuntar tanto en la hoja blanca como la amarilla.  Incluya el nombre de la persona a la que usted la está enviando, dirección y el número de teléfono.  También incluya el nombre del remitente, su número de teléfono y un mensaje.

El precio de cada corona de 22” enviada individualmente incluye una caja, un mensaje y los cargos del servicio UPS.  El precio por dos coronas enviadas al mismo lugar es $80.  No hay envío a Alaska, Hawái, México o Canadá.



Las coronas son de abeto noble, abeto blanco, cedro, pino y junípero.  Vienen decoradas con las piñas del pino y con un moño de terciopelo rojo.

Cada corona viene fresca y directamente del bosque, y recibe un tratamiento para preservar su frescura.

Si por cualquier razón una corona no satisface al cliente, la compañía distribuidora la reemplazará.


Las guirnaldas son de fragantes ramas de cedro.


Las guirnaldas largas vienen en rollos de 75’ y se venden en incrementos de 5’.


Las guirnaldas se recomiendan para el uso exterior para asegurar su frescura.

Pedido de Coronas/Guirnaldas Navideñas en línea